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* [tests] remove work-around for letting ID-FF 1.2 tests work with the thin-ses...more-datas-in-sessionsBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-231-21/+24
* [id-ff 1.2] change websso with artifact binding to work as SAML 2.0Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-231-21/+48
* [id-ff 1.2] in lasso_login_build_assertion() always add the assertion to the ...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-221-7/+4
* [tests] protect the ID-FF 1.2 test cases from effect of the thin-sessions fla...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-221-2/+19
* [doc] do some documentation fixingBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-225-6/+8
* [id-ff 1.2] provision the SessionIndex into the assertionsBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-221-0/+6
* [id-ff 1.1] add support for multiple SessionIndex to lib:LogoutRequestBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-223-80/+103
* [saml 2.0] use the new SessionIndex storage for SLO managementBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-222-115/+89
* [core] add support for thin-sessions environment flag, to reduce size of Lass...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-223-0/+9
* [core] add simpler storage for SessionIndexes in the LassoSessionBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-223-30/+400
* [id-ff 1.2] add lasso_saml_name_identifier_equals() to compare NameIDsBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-192-0/+17
* [saml2] fix lasso_saml20_logout_validate_request when more than one SessionIn...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-7/+20
* [Makefile] add strings.h to the dsig module includesBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-1/+2
* [xml/saml2] replace magic string by a defineBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-4/+4
* Simplify useless complexity in include pathsBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-16264-672/+672
* [xml] in is_interaction_request.h move new field to the end of the structure ...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-2/+1
* Merge branch 'rewrite-node-impl'Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-16108-980/+1623
| * [tests] fix tests to comply with new implementation of parsingBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-162-17/+37
| * [xml] rewrite schema directed serialization/deserialization methodsBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-1620-557/+661
| * [xml] add LASSO_XMLENC_PREFIX and LASSO_XMLENC_HREF definesBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-0/+14
| * [xml] add missing nodes to LassoIsInteractionRequestBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-162-3/+6
| * [xml] change saml_advice.h to declarer the real node typeBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-162-2/+4
| * [xml] complete missing namespace declarations for child nodesBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-1663-114/+168
| * [core] mark private_data field of the LassoKey structure as privateBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-0/+1
| * [tests] improve checking for log outputBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-166-10/+98
| * [tests] rename login test suite, with mentions of ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-162-2/+2
| * [Makefile] fix missing soap11 nodes when compiling for MingwBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-0/+1
| * [core] fix uninitialized pointer to a GError structureBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-161-1/+1
| * [core] move XMLDsig related nodes in their own sub-library, add X509Data node...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-1620-42/+464
| * remove debugging printf statementBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-091-2/+0
| * [provider] fix doc commentBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-081-4/+3
| * [id-ff] move LassoLogout to use LassoSignatureContextBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-081-135/+98
| * [logging] add an error() macroBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-081-0/+17
| * [id-ff] move LassoLogin to use LassoSignatureContextBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-081-92/+49
* [core] rename lasso_provider_set_specific_signing_key to lasso_provider_set_s...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-054-6/+6
* [perfs] add command line options, add option to use shared secret key cryptog...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-11/+41
* [core] add the HMAC-SHA1 shared secret signature methodBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-056-1/+205
* [core] refactor lasso_query_verify_signature and lasso_saml2_query_verify_sig...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-149/+108
* [tests] use helper macros in id-ff test caseBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-31/+26
* [core] add lasso_provider_add_key to add other key for signature validationBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-052-0/+43
* [core] add method lasso_provider_set_specific_signing_keyBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-052-0/+32
* [core] add a new class LassoKeyBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-056-3/+390
* [core] set the xmlSec log handler globallyBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-052-14/+11
* [saml2] introduce a lasso_saml2_assertion_get_audirence_restrictions to facto...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-052-20/+33
* [core] introduce the LassoSignatureContext context, to pass around signature ...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-0511-496/+608
* [core] add a lasso_base64_decode functionBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-052-0/+34
* [core] replace explicit allocation of LassoProviderPrivate by use of g_type_c...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-13/+3
* [] fix compilation on Mac Os XBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-1/+1
* [xml] use lasso_node_export_to_query_with_password to implement lasso_node_ex...Benjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-18/+3
* [tools] fix lasso_sha1 to return a glib allocated stringBenjamin Dauvergne2011-12-051-1/+1